Kim Krause Schwalm and Chris Orzechowski – 3R Royalties – Retainers and Recurring Revenue

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Kim Krause Schwalm and Chris Orzechowski – 3R Royalties – Retainers and Recurring Revenue

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Kim Krause Schwalm and Chris Orzechowski – 3R Royalties – Retainers and Recurring Revenue

Kim Krause Schwalm and Chris Orzechowski – 3R Royalties – Retainers and Recurring Revenue

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Revealed at Last: The “3 R’s” Secret to Building a Thriving and Highly Profitable Freelance Business


The 3 R’s: Royalties, Retainers & Recurring Revenue— The Ultimate Freelance Business-Building Intensive

The 3 R’s: Royalties, Retainers & Recurring Revenue is a 3-part virtual training program. It’s the ultimate freelance business-building intensive… and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.  

This virtual training program is designed to show you just how easy it can be to land royalty, retainer, and recurring revenue deals in your freelance copywriting business.  

The entire program was recorded LIVE on interactive group calls with detailed slides. Every word was captured on transcripts for easy reference. And a fourth Q&A call was thrown in at the last minute. 

Throughout these no-holds-barred calls, Kim and Chris walked a small group of copywriters step-by-step through the system they use to land these kinds of deals… leaving no stone unturned. No filters, no secrets withheld–just the down-and-dirty details no one tells you (and that you usually have to learn from the “school of hard knocks”!)  

Kim and Chris not only did a deep dive into the topics of landing royalty, retainer and recurring revenue deals… they also answered all of the attendees’ troubleshooting questions in real time. It’s all recorded for you on video – and you can see how these strategies were implemented in real life negotiations

This isn’t one of those “just follow the instruction manual” type trainings… this program gives you the strategies–along with the tools– you need to overcome any obstacle standing in your way of landing bigger and better copywriting deals.  

Here’s a quick overview of what’s covered in this program: 

Training Session #1

How To Jumpstart Your Freelance Earnings

With Recurring Revenue Deals

This is where you start building the foundation for your copywriting business—and open the door for other forms of ongoing or passive income.  

It starts with finding the right clients… turning them into REPEAT clients… and building a steady stream of cold, hard cash that comes in month after month like clockwork!  

In this module, you’ll discover…

What a recurring revenue copywriting deal is… and how to set your business up so you can get paid over and over again.

A simple process for turning any “one-off” copy job into two… three… even five more gigs without having to hard sell or pressure your clients. (Do it right… and they’ll be ecstatic to send you as much work as you can handle.) 

The 5 steps to finally landing all the recurring revenue deals you can handle. (Works even if you’re just starting out and are brand new to copy!)

A set of “non-negotiable” criteria for finding copywriting clients who WANT to reward copywriters with recurring revenue arrangements. Plus one HUGE RED FLAG you need to watch out for (If they start talking about ________, they might as well have “DANGER DANGER” flashing over their head).

Should you take the time teach your clients about copy? The surprising advice Kim & Chris give to anyone who’s working with less informed clients.this area

The 9 characteristics to look for in a good client. Once you know what to look for, it’s easy to find the clients who are serious and actually have money to pay for your talents.

The best (and worst) places to look for high quality copywriting clients who not only have money to pay you… but are EXCITED about throwing big sums of money at writers who do a good job.

What do you do if you don’t have any samples? Here’s a simple way to have a portfolio that will blow away any potential client within the next 30 days.

The simple “client-getting” exercise that helped propel David Ogilvy from a fry cook to owner of The World’s Largest Advertising Agency. Even if you want to stay a freelancer your entire life, if you spend a few minutes doing this… you’d be amazed how many “dream clients” you can land.

Where copywriting clients hang out in droves…and why rookie freelancers ignore the gold mine hidden right under their nose.

How to get close to clients and important decision makers at the companies you’d like to work for. (Most of the time, they’re hiding in plain sight… and you can get an “in” a lot easier than you think.)

What you should NEVER do when a prospective client contacts you. This common negotiation-killing mistake ruins your pricing and reputation.

The 3 BIGGEST MISTAKES copywriters make when they look for clients. If you’re doing any one of these things… clients will run in the opposite direction, fast!

The one piece of advice you need to hear if you’ve ever doubted yourself or your abilities to help a client. (Once you hear this, your imposter syndrome will start to subside… and you’ll start to believe in yourself and your skills.)

What are the most common pain points big companies have? (Once you know these 8 pain points, it’s like playing with cheat codes. You’ll know exactly how to steer any conversation in the right direction… which will make getting the gig easier than ever before.)

A case study breakdown of how Chris turned one copywriting job into 3 more jobs with the same client… without having to pressure, hard sell or look needy. In fact, after he did this… these clients only want to work with him. He explains how YOU can flip the script and become your client’s “go-to” copywriter.

What do you do if you DON’T have “conversion percentages” to show potential clients? Can you still get hired? As it turns out… there’s an easy way to flip this question back into your clients and get hired even if you don’t have a laundry list of tested campaigns to fall back on.

5 big marketing problems every client has that they want help solving. Know these… and you’ll look like a “conversion genius” in their eyes.

How to go from just being another “order taking” copywriter who writes anything a client sends them… to being a “problem-solving” copywriter who gets paid big bucks not only to write, but to advise and strategize.

The one Netflix show every copywriter needs to watch at least five times if you want to fast-track your career. Yes. Five times! (Chris swears by this.)

How do you get clients if you’re just starting out? Even if you’re starting from scratch, Chris and Kim lay out a few foolproof strategies that can get you copy gigs in the next few days.

Should you ever offer to work for free? Kim and Chris get into a little spat on this topic… but the stories they share can radically change the trajectory of your copywriting career

Congrats, you got the job! But… how do you keep your clients happy? Focus on these four things and you’ll have clients coming back to you again and again.

Kim’s biggest career regret…and how freelancers can easily avoid her mistake (hint: it costs you NOTHING to do it and it can build your business MUCH faster).

How to avoid giving “desperate vibes”–even if you’re a rookie copywriter and have never worked with a client before.

Why Chris was able to accelerate his career faster than most other copywriters… and his best advice that’ll help you start working with better clients who pay big fees even faster.

The secret to winning any client’s respect… and to finally start getting paid what you’re truly worth.

4 ways to avoid being labeled a pain in the ass copywriter. How to keep yourself “refer-able” in an industry where everybody talks.

Questions to ask yourself if you ever get offered an “in-house” gig. There are a lot of factors to think about. And you need to consider the things Kim and Chris discuss here

And much more!

Training Session #2

How To Find And WIN High Four-Figure Retainer Deals

This is where the rubber meets the road. No more waking up in bed sweating over how you’re going to pay the bills. No more desperate trolling for clients online or at networking events. No more hanging onto your day job while you grind away at night on low-paying freelance gigs. 

Get a few of these lucrative retainer arrangements under your belt and you can rest easy, regain your dignity, and say “Buh-bye” to that pain-in-the-neck boss! 

In this module, you’ll discover…

Why clients WANT to retain copywriters. If you can do any one of these five things for a client, they’ll want to keep you paying you forever.

Have retainer deals been hiding right under your nose this entire time? Chris opens your eyes and reveals dozens of “once-hidden” retainer opportunities you can pursue immediately… no matter where you live or what kind of copy you write.

Hookers, hitmen, and… $10,000 copywriting retainers? Discover the one surprising place where you can find a plethora of hidden copywriting opportunities. (Most people would NEVER think to look here.)

How many clients do you need to get to $100k/year? A lot less than you think. (Here’s a hint: you can count the number on one hand. Learn how to negotiate the kind of deals that make hitting your income goals a breeze.)

How to build a “moat of security” that will keep you booked, busy and bursting at the seams with client work for the rest of your life.

The one daily habit that ALL of the world’s most successful copywriters share. Start doing this TODAY and you’ll be amazed where it takes you!

How to land well-paying retainer gigs even if you’re brand new to writing copy. Just follow these 4 simple steps.

How to spot (and land) a retainer gig with a big name client who can accelerate your career and fast-track you to the big leagues of copywriting.

Want new retainer gigs to show up in your email inbox on a monthly (even weekly) basis? YES, it’s possible. You can make this happen in as little as 20-30 minutes. Kick your feet up, sit back, relax… and cherry-pick the clients you’d love to work with.

What to type into your search bar to find dozens of hot and fresh retainer gigs that are waiting to be filled by writers like YOU

A step-by-step breakdown into how Chris landed one of his dream clients… and how you can do the same.

Where to find high-paying copy retainers on Facebook. The best part? You won’t have to post “value bombs” 10x a day and get mass-unfollowed by your friends and family members

Two popular websites most copywriters avoid like the plague… even though they are brimming with high-quality, high-paying copywriting retainer gigs.

A simple way to beat out 99% of the other copywriters you’re competing with so you can WIN more gigs, with a lot less stress.

How to ACE an interview with a client… and the questions you should ask that make you stand out, get remembered and ultimately win the gig.

What to NEVER do when you’re on the first interview call with a client. Most copywriters do this… and it ruins their chances of ever getting hired.

What do clients look for when they’re looking to hire a writer to join their team? These 4 things are very high on their priority list… and you NEED to know them if you want to have a shot.

3 “word-for-word” scripts you can use on a call with a potential client that immediately PROVE to your clients that you are the best copywriter for the job. You can read them off these slides… and watch your clients eyes light up.

What happens if a client asks you a question you don’t have an answer for? Here’s how to navigate that situation, avoid looking like an idiot and come out looking like a true professional who they’ll still want to hire.

How do you actually close the deal after talking with a client who’s interested in hiring you for a retainer? Follow this 73-word script and clients will be whipping out their checkbook to pay you.

How to turn a one-off gig into a retainer deal. (hint: dangle the carrot)

The 4 types of retainer deals. How to structure each deal. How to introduce the offer to a client. And the pro’s and con’s of each one.

The easiest type of retainer deal to close… and exactly what to say that will get clients to say “yes.”

What happens if your client starts to scope creep your retainer deal? Use this kind of retainer deal structure to make a killing anytime they start asking for more work.

Want to stop trading time for money? Learn about the one kind of retainer that’s perfect for fast writers who want to get all their work done and spend the rest of their time lounging around.

Want to stop writing so damn much but STILL get paid a ton? Discover one type of retainer deal that’s perfect for writers who know a thing or two about strategy.

One thing you should do each month with your retainer clients that keeps them happy and gets them excited to keep paying you. Works like a charm… and it’s a true win-win.

What should you include in your retainer contract? Chris and Kim are NOT lawyers… but they reveal a few important things they like to have in all of their agreements with clients.

How to get your current retainer clients to introduce you to other, high quality clients in their network.

The secret to getting people to refer you new retainer clients. (It’s sound too easy but it really works!)

The best retainer model for rookie copywriters. Chris says “it’s so easy for the client to understand and say YES to this… it takes almost no negotiation skills, whatsoever.”

And much, much more…

Training Session #3

Generating True Passive Income Through Royalty Deals 

This is the “holy grail” of freelance copywriting and consulting. It’s entirely possible to have fat 4- and 5-figure checks stuff your mailbox (or hit your bank account directly) while you’re lolling on the beach or hanging out in tapas bars in Barcelona… or simply cutting your hours in half so you can make it to your kids’ soccer games and school performances.  

It’s like the old 80s’ tune by Dire Straits, “Money for Nothing”…except it’s for something. In some cases, something you wrote several months if not YEARS ago! (Yes—for real: Kim’s had several controls that have paid her steady royalty income for as long as 10 years!) We’re going to spill all the secrets on how to negotiate and score the best royalty deals—and which ones to AVOID.

In this module, you’ll discover…  

The one thing you MUST do if you want to start earning big royalty checks.

3 ways to maximize your chances of writing a promotion that beats the control and starts earning you royalty checks.

Common royalty percentages that most clients feel comfortable paying. Follow these guidelines so you don’t cheat yourself out of money that SHOULD be yours!

Four types of copywriting projects you can do that earn you royalties. (These certainly aren’t the ONLY kind of projects you could do for royalties, but they are the most common and most lucrative).

How much can you actually earn from online royalties? What about royalties form offline promotions? Kim breaks down the math behind the lucrative checks you can expect to earn once you win your first control.

What kinds of companies LIKE to pay their copywriter’s royalties. (Some of them are ACTIVELY LOOKING for writers just like you – and it doesn’t matter when you’re reading this. These 13 companies in particular have a never ending need for copy and that’s not going to change anytime soon.)

Where the companies who hire copywriters for royalty deals typically hang out… and how to get your foot in the door, no matter what level of experience you’re currently at.

Why companies pay copywriters royalties – this is important to understand and will help you get very clear on what kind of clients you should be working with (contrary to popular belief… NO, it’s NOT just publishers who pay royalties.) Once you understand THEIR perspective, it makes landing these deals so much easier.

How to quote a project with a royalty agreement. Kim breaks down her quote structure in addition to a super important negotiating tip that is CRUCIAL for getting paid what you’re worth.

One HUGE mistake some copywriters make that can cost them as much as tens of thousands of dollars in royalties. Do NOT make this mistake.

A simple way to negotiate better terms that protect you from going months without seeing a payment from your clients. (Sometimes THEY are the ones dragging your feet… and when this happens, you can suffer. Kim shows how to protect yourself.)

What to ask your client for before you start a royalty project. These items can make or break your success, and make you look like a real pro.

How to get paid even if your client cancels the project. This is way more common than you’d think… but only smart writers know how to protect themselves and get what they’re entitled to. Follow Kim’s advice here very closely if you don’t want to end up working for free.

What happens if you don’t win the control? Here’s how to pick yourself up and bounce back fast. (And how to turn this experience into a win, and possibly even some future work and royalties.)

Kim’s advice for finding “low-hanging-fruit” royalty deals that are easier to win. Always ask this question of a prospective client when deciding which project to take on.

What Chris learned from his 3 royalty deals with entrepreneurs. He shares the two mistakes he made… and the details about the one royalty deal he did that worked incredibly well.

How Kim easily enticed the legendary Joe Sugarman into sending her great clients. NO – he’s not going to start referring you clients. But you can adapt this technique to orchestrate more referrals in your own business.

The path to becoming an A-list copywriter. Kim explains her epic rise to the top of the industry… and shares priceless lessons every copywriter should follow if they want to become an A-lister one day

What Kim did to become the first female to have a Boardroom control. (And how she dethroned a few legendary copywriters’ controls in the process.)

How to quote a project with a royalty agreement even if you’ve never done it before & are struggling with imposter syndrome. This step-by-step advice makes it a cinch.

Does asking for a percentage of gross sales make you look GREEDY? How to overcome this story you’re telling yourself…and why this one thing can be a valuable negotiating tool.

Why Kim spends at least 10% of her time on the “non-copy parts” that she doesn’t get paid for (and why it helps her get even MORE successful controls!)

And much, much more…


The “Ask-Us-Anything” Speed Coaching Call Recording

One of the bonuses we gave during the live version of this micro-coaching program was a 3-hour speed coaching session. The copywriters in this program each got an opportunity to “hotseat” their copywriting businesses, discuss their deals, and troubleshoot any issues or obstacles standing in their way. You’ll learn a TON on this call: it’s three hours of real world application of all of these concepts… and it’s a masterclass in deal-making.


Hiring Kim and Chris for one hour would be well over $1,500–making this 3-hour session a $4,500 value just on its own. You get to peek inside BOTH of their brains where they share their best-kept secrets and strategies for negotiating and landing better copy deals.

An Incredible Value That Will Pay For Itself Ten, Even 100 Times Over! 

Take a look at everything that’s included:

Unlimited access to video recordings of all 3 Training Sessions plus the 3-hour-long bonus Q&A call–nearly 7 hours of training in total with both Kim and Chris!

The detailed slides outlining the training used in each of the 3 Sessions

Word-for-word transcripts for each of the 3 Training Sessions for quick and easy reference

And last–but certainly not least–just about everything Kim and Chris could think of to include in the brand new and EXCLUSIVE… 3 R’s TOOL KIT (a $1,000+ value just on its own)

Chris’ secret client-getting exercise that will quickly have you flooded with work

10 questions you must ask ANY prospective client before taking them on (helps you avoid headaches and hassles later!)

5 simple steps to writing a killer bio or “About” page that will have clients salivating at the mouth to hire you (even if you’re a complete “newbie”!)

Kim’s very own master class in negotiating the very best royalty deal (works for retainer and other recurring revenue deals, too!)

Client agreement/contract templates for royalty, retainer, and “one-off” projects–this could save you more than $2,000 in legal fees alone! (and help you avoid costly mistakes)

Veteran copywriters’ “cheat sheet” to little-known negotiable items on big company contracts (no one else EVER tells you this…)

The exact emails to send to a late-paying client to get the money you’re due–plus the stern “demand letter” that will have them sweating bullets and paying up if the emails don’t work!

And much more!




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